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    Piezoelectric injection valve


    The GB-500 piezoelectric jet valve is compact and exquisite in structure design. It adopts advanced piezoelectric ceramic technology and non-contact spray dispensing mode to operate quickly, accurately and continuously It ensures excellent dispensing precision and process while providing high production efficiency. 

    1, the use of piezoelectric ceramic drive, high precision, high speed;

    2, non-contact injection glue; 

    3, Low Noise; 

    4, the nozzle can be heat-resistant and uniform temperature distribution;

    5, air-cooled Physical Cooling and cooling of the valve body, greatly improve the valve performance and life; 

    6, suitable for a variety of glue, such as Solder paste, silver paste, hot melt glue, ANAEROBIC Glue, red glue, UV glue, water glue and other types of fluid spray; 

    7, Modular design, flexible installation, easy to disassemble, clean and maintain.


    Technical parameter of product

    Model numberGB-500 piezoelectric jet valve


    Net weight3.5kg

    Input Power200~240VAC/50~60Hz


    Display interface

    LCD 256×160pixcls

    Departure inputTrig key, 24 pulse input or short signal

    Minimum Opening / closing time0.1ms

    Minimum up / down time for valve action0.1ms

    Temperature control error±1℃

    Communication interfaceRS232







    address:No. 2, Shuangma Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province