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    On-line high-speed Glue Sprayer

    On-line high-speed Glue Sprayer(圖1)On-line high-speed Glue Sprayer(圖2)

    On-line high-speed Glue Sprayer with its unique advantages of flexible glue, accurate glue, quality assurance, gradually replace the traditional box / box gluing process. The application is suitable for bottom filling, red glue, chip encapsulation, Dam & AMP; fill, surface mounting, precision coating, semiconductor chip encapsulation and so on. 

    Product Features

    1, cabinet-type visual dispensing system with overseas imports of precision injection valve, is a dedicated to point solder paste machine equipment.

    2. The application of high precision injection valve can achieve the minimum diameter of 0.4 mm, the minimum linear diameter of 0.5 mm, the maximum viscosity of 100,000 MPAS, the precision can reach 98% (the value that can not be achieved by common dispensing valve injection valve) . 

    3. With CCD vision system, high precision vision positioning automatic recognition, no need for precision fixture. 

    4. No surface contact point solder paste, more efficient, can be used for solder paste bonding / Welding / bottom filling / spot filling / surface mount bonding / test paper spraying / Stack packaging POP, etc. . 

    5, support a variety of solder paste applications, suitable for semiconductor, SMT solder paste, such as FPC board, precision components, capacitance IC welding filler.


    Product parameters

    ProductOn-line high-speed Glue Sprayer

    Model numberGB-50PLC-2

    Contour dimension(W*D*H)770*1200*1400mm

    Dispensing area(W*D)500*500mm

    ComputerWindows 7 system based on C under the development of software

    Programming modeMouse key sleeve

    Obliquable angleRubber Valve can not be inclined (Optional Rubber Valve inclined 35) inclined angle using linear cylinder (optional)

    ActuatedServo motor ball screw

    Positioning Accuracy (high speed)±0.01m

    Repeatability (high speed status)±0.01m

    Maximum speed of movement1000mm/s(X,Y,Z)

    Maximum acceleration1g(X,Y)

    Transport drive

    Stepper motor, stainless steel chain

    Width modulation systemManual (Optional Automatic)

    Amplitude modulation speed250mm/min

    Transport speed0-2400mm/min

    Direction of transmissionL→R(R--L)

    Maximum thickness of substrate8mm

    Bearing capacity of track (including fixture)5.8kg

    Orbital altitude880-930mm

    Number of orbits1(OPTIONAL 2)

    Dispensing Area W L460×460mm

    Visual positioning systemINDUSTRIAL CCD

    Maximum Height of element100 down, 100 mm

    Number of rubber valves2

    Type of rubber valveNeedle type Glue Valve, Cone Type Glue Spray Valve, Fan Type Valve, Film Glue Spray Valve (Optional)

    Single coat width2-30mm

    Paint capacity10L

    Exhaust modeExhaust air from Rear Hole

    Exhaust Air Requirement15m3/min

    Communication interfaceSMEMA interface

    Factory requirementsVoltage 220V, 50-60HZ, current 10A, minimum air pressure 0.65 MPA

    Typical applicationBottom fill, red glue, chip package, Dan & FILL, surface mount, precision coating, semiconductor chip package, etc. 

    Standard Configuration

     1, vacuum cleaning device

     2, non-contact injection valve 3315JET

     3,10cc, 30cc, 500cc feeding device 

     4, sound and light alarm device 

     5, Jet Pressure Stabilizer

     6, Jet Pressure Stabilizer

     7, Monorail

     8, XYZ Axis Reference Point calibration platform

     9, Standard Operating Software. 


    1, low level detection and alarm 

    2, weighing system 

    3, CCD vision system

    4, automatic loading and unloading device 

    5, preheating and dispensing heating area

    6, Double Track 

    7, laser altimeter 

    8, runner Heater 

    9, component edge recognition function 

    10,200 / 300cc feeding device

    11, vacuum adsorption platform







    address:No. 2, Shuangma Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province