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    Gt-automatic Visual Glue Dispenser


    Gt-automatic Visual Glue Dispenser 

    GT-automatic Visual Glue Dispenser is developed by the company's Automatic Visual Positioning Automatic Glue Dispenser. Through the computer control software, intuitive simple window interface, so that users can quickly on the computer screen planning positioning point, can automatically adjust the glue point path to prevent placing objects in the fixture error. 

    Glue GL-desktop visual dispensing machine suitable for silicone, EMI conductive glue, UV glue, Ab Glue, instant glue, Epoxy Glue, sealant, hot glue, Grease, Silver Glue, red glue, tin paste, heat dissipation paste, solder paste, transparent paint, screw fixing agent and other fluid glue. Gl-desktop visual dispensing machine can be equipped with spray dispensing valve, automatic dispensing more accurate, and support the product process of bonding, pouring, coating, sealing, filling, drip, line / arc / circle coating, etc. . Application range sensors, relays, power adapters, electronic toys, buzzers, electronic components, household appliances, electric vehicle controllers, computer digital products, arts and crafts, mobile phone board, coil products, key products, battery boxes, Speaker Outer Ring Bonding; Speaker packaging and dispensing, light semiconductor, mobile phone battery, Notebook Battery packaging, PCB bonding sealant, COB, IC, PDA, LCD sealant, IC packaging, IC bonding, Shell bonding, optical components processing, hardware parts packaging coating, quantitative liquid filling, chip bonding, automotive mechanical parts coating, mechanical seal, etc. .

    Product parameters
    Automatic alignment system specification
      Host System PCIndustry PC
    Operation SystemWindows 7
    AlignmentPositioningAccuracy+/- 0.01 mm/ pixel
    Program DisplayLCD MONITOR
    Picture CaptureUSB COLOR Camera,Resolution:
    752 x 480 
    Optional Element
    Lighting (1)Direct Ring Lighting
    Vision Lens (2)25mm Machine Vision Lens
    X/Y/Z Working Range (3)300 / 300 / 100 mm400 / 400 /100 mm
    Load   Y-AXIS / Z-AXIS10 kg / 5 kg
    X&Y / Z (mm/sec)0.1~500 / 300
    RepetitivePositioningAccuracy+/- 0.01 mm/ Axis
    Motor SystemX / Y / Z axis DC Servo stepper motor
    Driver SystemX / Y / Z axis ball screw driven precision screw drive
    Program Capacity4000 Steps
    Data Storage TypePC HD Storage
    Program Display19” LCD Monitor
    Motor SystemHigh resolution stepping motor
    Control MethodPTP & CP
    Interpolation Function3axis 3d solid space can be any path
    Programming MethodWindows software can either move the keyboard directly or image directly by clicking on the move tutorial path
    I/O Signals Port8 Inputs / 8 Outputs
    Power SupplyAC110 ~ 220V   300W
    Working Temperature0 – 40 ℃
    Working Relative Humidity20 – 90% no condensation
    Dimensions (WxDxH mm)565 x 547 x 630662 x 647 x 630
    Robot Weight (kg)50 kg60 kg

    Note 1: 

    The type of light source and the way of illumination will be different for different workpieces

     Note 2: 

    The Suitable Lens should be chosen according to the magnification required for the Marking of the workpieces

     Note 3:

     The XY distance between the center of CCD and the needle should be deducted from the XY distance for the actual operation of the XY stroke







    address:No. 2, Shuangma Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province