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    4.0 era · intelligent chemical plant

    Guangbao group is a well-known high-end intelligent manufacturing service enterprise in China, and a service provider of intelligent manufacturing related support systems. The company has a professional and complete R &amp; D, design, sales and service system, providing intelligent and efficient industrial 4.0 intelligent products and services for electronics, automobile, medical health, new energy and other fields, so as to create intelligent chemical plants for customers. The company has been awarded by the government science and technology leading talents, provincial private technology enterprises, dispensing robot research center, high-tech enterprises and other honors. At the same time, the company has also passed ISO9001, CE international quality certification, and established long-term strategic cooperation with well-known enterprises at home and abroad.

    Keep improving casting quality

    After years of technical precipitation, Guangbao group has more than 10 industry engineering teams, more than 100 engineers, and annual scientific research investment is about 20%. So far, Guangbao group has obtained more than 200 authorized patents, built a patent cluster of automation equipment and fluid control, successfully implemented a number of intelligent manufacturing system cases, and won the favor and praise of customers.