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    Automatic dispensing machine has become an inevitable trend to replace manual dispensing

    With the continuous development of science and technology, manual dispensing and semi-automatic dispensing have been gradually replaced by automatic dispensing machine. So what are the advantages of automatic dispenser?


    Advantages of automatic dispenser

    1、 Low cost, high productivity

    Dispenser equipment can save the company's cost, because one automatic dispenser can replace more than one operator and produce continuously for a long time. At the same time, it can also realize multi platform operation, such as double Y-axis and double platform dispensing operation system, which can greatly improve the work efficiency and reduce the production cost for the company.

    2、 The operation is simple and accurate positioning

    With the popularization of intelligence, the automatic dispensing equipment on the market has gradually become intelligent, with simple operation, precision and agility,

    It can accurately locate and pick up the position of the workpiece and the dispensing position of the workpiece to be placed. It can quickly identify the workpiece, generate the automatic path, and display the processing track dynamically in real time, so as to realize the dispensing operation with higher speed and higher precision, and ensure the dispensing quality of the product. Support multi workpiece random placement, automatic identification, intelligent dispensing, effectively improve work efficiency.

    3、 Wide applicability

    The automatic dispensing machine is suitable for multi angle dispensing, which can solve the difficult to reach parts of the workpiece in manual dispensing. It can be used in many occasions such as point, line, surface, side, border, inner circle and so on.

    4、 Strong stability

    The automatic dispenser features stable performance, high speed, high precision, simple operation and reducing glue waste. It can stabilize the dispensing amount, avoid the phenomenon of unstable glue delivery, wire drawing and glue breaking, and improve the product quality of customers, thus improving the competitive strength of the enterprise and winning a good market reputation for the enterprise.

    On the contrary, manual dispensing machine has many shortcomings, such as high labor costs, manual dispensing quality can not be well guaranteed and so on.

    Therefore, for enterprises, the selection of automatic dispensing operation can not only reduce costs, improve production efficiency, improve product quality, but also enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Therefore, it is an inevitable trend for automatic dispensing function to replace manual dispensing.






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