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    The official website of Gounbot is online


    The official website of Guangbao group was officially put into operation in July 2020. Based on the basic principles of simplicity, practicality and beauty, the website shows the image, strength and business scope of the group in detail. The group station mainly includes the layout of "core business", the strength of "R &amp; D innovation" of technology, high-quality real-time news report, and the latest recruitment of talents.

    Guangbao group is a well-known high-end intelligent manufacturing service enterprise in China, and a service provider of intelligent manufacturing related support systems. The company has a professional and complete R &amp; D, design, sales and service system, providing intelligent and efficient industrial 4.0 intelligent products and services for electronics, automobile, medical health, new energy and other fields, so as to create intelligent chemical plants for customers. Main products of Guangbao group: fluid control (dispensing platform, dispensing controller, dispensing nozzle, dispensing consumables, glue valve, etc.); UV curing (point light source, linear light source, surface light source, curing equipment), etc.

    We look forward to your attention, support and cooperation. Our company has high-quality products and convenient service. We welcome friends from all walks of life to seek common development.






    address:No. 2, Shuangma Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province