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    Common problems and solutions of Kangkang automatic dispensing machine

    In the process of daily production and operation, a series of problems will inevitably appear in the automatic dispensing machine. What common problems (phenomenon and causes of the problems) and effective solutions appear in the automatic dispensing opportunity? Now Guangbao will take you to Kangkang.


    Common problems 1. Clogging of rubber nozzle

    Phenomenon: the amount of glue nozzle is too small or no glue spots come out.

    Causes: the pinhole is not completely cleaned, impurities are mixed in the patch glue, there is blocking phenomenon, and the incompatible glue is mixed.

    Solution: change the clean needle, change the quality of the chip glue, the glue brand should not be wrong.

    Common problems 2. Wire drawing / tailing

    Phenomenon: drawing / tailing, common defects in dispensing.

    Causes: the inner diameter of the adhesive nozzle is too small, the dispensing pressure is too high, the distance between the nozzle and PCB is too large, the adhesive is expired or the quality is not good, the adhesion of the patch is too high, it fails to return to room temperature after being taken out of the refrigerator, and the amount of dispensing is too much.

    Solution: change the rubber nozzle with larger inner diameter, reduce the dispensing pressure, adjust the "stop" height, change the glue, select the glue with suitable viscosity, return to room temperature (about 4h) after taking it out of the refrigerator, and adjust the dispensing amount.

    Common problems 3. Hole plugging

    Phenomenon: only dispensing action, no glue amount.

    Cause: mixed with air bubble, the rubber nozzle is blocked.

    Solution: the glue in the syringe should be deaeration (especially the glue filled by oneself), and be treated according to the plugging method of glue nozzle.

    Note: if the automatic dispensing machine equipment abnormal situation can not be solved, please contact the equipment after-sales personnel, do not dismantle without authorization, in order to avoid damage.

    Problem 4. After curing, the bonding strength of components is not enough, and the chip will fall off after wave soldering

    Phenomenon: after curing, the bonding strength of components is not enough, which is lower than the standard value, and sometimes the chip will fall off when touching by hand.

    Causes: after curing, the process parameters are not in place, especially the temperature is not enough, the component size is too large, the heat absorption is large, the light curing lamp is aging, the glue is not enough, and the component / PCB is polluted.

    Solution: adjust the curing curve, especially increase the curing temperature. Generally, the peak curing temperature of the thermal curing adhesive is very important, and it is easy to cause flake off when reaching the peak temperature. For the UV curing adhesive, it is necessary to observe whether the light curing lamp is aging, whether the lamp tube is black, the amount of glue and whether the components / PCB are contaminated.

    Are the above problems mentioned by Xiaobian often encountered? I share this article with you so that you can deal with the same problems calmly next time. If you have any questions about the automatic dispenser, you can consult us at any time. We will try our best to answer your questions.






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