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    How to quickly remove the residual glue on the dispenser table?


    When we use the dispenser, we will inevitably drop the glue onto the dispenser workbench. However, once the glue drops onto the dispenser table, it is difficult to remove it. Therefore, many customers are worried about this. How can the residual glue on the dispenser table be quickly removed? Guangbao Xiaobian provides you with the following three magic tricks, so that you can easily get rid of glue without worry.

    First, use high-pressure water gun to wash

    This method is only applicable to the cleaning when the glue has not completely solidified. That is to say, when the glue has just adhered to the surface of the dispenser, it should be cleaned immediately. Otherwise, even if high-pressure water is used for cleaning after the glue has solidified, the sticky glue can not be completely eliminated. This method has the advantages of low cost, obvious effect and good cleaning effect. However, this method may waste water resources, and improper operation may cause water pollution.

    Second, put in dichloromethane solution to dissolve

    Remove all the glue dispenser worktables stained with glue, and then soak them in the solution. After a period of time, the glue will dissolve naturally. After dissolving, it is OK to do the final cleaning with hydrogen peroxide. After cleaning, wipe it with dry cloth. Because dichloromethane cleaning is relatively thorough, and the use cost is not high, but this chemical is volatile, large use may cause air pollution, we should try to reduce the use of this liquid.

    Third, use recyclable environmental protection solvent cleaning

    This method is also strongly advocated by our users. This method is not only environmentally friendly, but also relatively thorough. The key point is that there will be no pollution.

    Warm tips: the above are the three magic ways to quickly remove the residual glue on the dispensing machine workbench. We can see that the third method is a more practical method at present. Of course, we should find out a method that is really suitable for ourselves according to the actual situation. If you encounter problems in your work, you can consult us at any time. We will try our best to answer your questions.






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