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    How to clean the dispenser?

    Due to the advantages of automatic precise positioning and efficient production, the dispenser is favored by the majority of enterprises. At present, dispenser has been widely used in various industries, such as semiconductor, electronic components, LCD manufacturing, household appliances, automobiles and other fields.

    In order to provide the dispenser service life and dispensing quality, dispenser needs to be cleaned regularly, which is very important for dispenser regular cleaning, and most users ignore this problem. Of course, dispenser cleaning is also a way, today Guangbao small make up for you to share the following three cleaning methods, hope to help you.


    1、 Chemical cleaning

    Use dichloromethane and DMF solvent to clean the dispenser. This cleaning method is the most effective and relatively low cost, but because the two liquids mixed together will produce irritating gas, which is easy to volatilize in the air and cause certain pollution to our living environment, we should try our best to reduce the use of this method in our life, and it is not recommended to use this method to clean the dispenser equipment unless we have to 。

    2、 High pressure water cleaning

    High pressure water cleaning dispenser, this is a common cleaning method used by many enterprises. Although this cleaning method will waste a lot of water resources and produce some industrial wastewater to a certain extent, compared with the chemical cleaning method, this method is more environmentally friendly and worthy of promotion.

    3、 Cleaning with environmentally friendly solvents

    From the perspective of environmental protection, the cleaning method of dispenser is worth doing. However, due to the special cleaning system and environment-friendly solvent, this method will generate high cost to a certain extent, which is not acceptable to small and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore, we need to choose the cleaning method of dispenser according to the actual situation of the enterprise !

    To sum up, the above three kinds of dispenser cleaning methods are feasible, we can use according to their own strength and current situation to choose their own cleaning method. Pay attention to us and share more relevant knowledge in the later stage.






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